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Lip-Lap Laituri Oy has been making docks since 1965. From the beginning we have used sound and uncomplicated methods to produce docks that withstand harsh conditions. We continue to use these methods today in all of the docks that we manufacture.

What is the dock of your dreams like?

The right dock meets both your needs for use as well as the requirements set by your shore: the shore soil, water depth and weather conditions. We help you to design and install your dream dock.

Our dock range

Height Adjustable Post Docks

Due to it’s stability, this dock is particularly suited for lounging and swimming. Safe and sturdy in all weather conditions.

Plastic Pontoon Docks

The most common type of the dock, well suited as both a swimming and boat dock. The dock is securely anchored.

Jet Ski Docks

Jet Ski Dock is a handy and safe storage place for your jet ski. 

Concrete and Pipe Pontoon Docks

Suitable for boat mooring or as a multipurpose dock. Nearly maintenance free.


Our experienced team is also available for marina projects from design to installation.

Additional Accessories

Lip-Lap offers a multitude of accessories to address the safety and needs of people, boats, and docks.

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